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FREE Workshop: How to get your prospect’s undeniable attention as you open your call

Powerful opening lines to get your prospect’s curiosity hooked

In this LIVE workshop you’ll discover:

  • Why prospects hang up as you give your introduction
  • What you need to say to captivate prospects attention & hook them on to what you have to say
    | How to get your prospect’s undeniable attention 
  • Practical & tested methods to connect authentically with the prospect
  • How to make your prospect give you all the time you need for you to convey your message
Woman on sales call

You deserve better than a “Sorry, not Interested! Beeeep...”

I get it. Prospecting over the phone can be hard. It’s hard enough to get a “no”, and even more frustrating when the person on the other end doesn’t even give you an opportunity to tell them why you’re calling.

Do you deserve that? No. 

This workshop is all about PERSONAL ATTENTION & GUIDANCE.

Where I’ll review your current opening lines and upgrade them with personally tailored ones that guarantee a higher percentage of prospects giving you more time on the phone.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You endlessly dial numbers all day long and only manage to have a few successful conversations & sometimes maybe none?
  • Most times someone answers you barely get past “Hi” before they slam the phone on you. Yikes! 
  • When asked why you’re calling, as you murmur those first few words, you get the response that you expected to receive as the phone was ringing.
    You know.. Those horrible responses we all dread to hear. 
  • The most common response you hear is “We’re not interested”

Have you experienced one or more of the above scenarios? Then this FREE workshop is made for you. 

Frustrated sales agent

150,000 outbound calls

From personally dialing over 150,000 outbound calls, I know the struggle & the pain. 

After encountering numerous “Sorry, not interested! Beeeep” & other types of rejections over and over again. It was pretty obvious… 

What I was doing was not working.

Sure I was following almost everything, all the “sales gurus” & “experts” at the time that I was listening to, but things just didn’t connect for me. I knew there had to be a better way, and I set out to find it.

What I realized was heartbreaking in a way because there was no silver bullet to all types of products and services. 

However, I discovered some principles that, when mastered, will lead to genuine conversations. 

No goofy or cheesy approaches, nothing shady or manipulative, just very applicable principles to solve what most salespeople tend to struggle with. 

I’ve used these principles to have a conversation rate that is double the ones of my peers.

My students have used these principles to see an immediate improvement in their own sales.

Here's what some of our students have to say

It's a miracle! We've booked more appointments than ever before, and closed two big clients.


Owner, Lawfirm

I immediately increased the number of quality conversations by 20%


Sales Agent, Marketing Software

Chris a very nice approach to push our agents to think about the sales approach from a different perspective.


Insurance Broker

Chris truly wants to make you better at sales. He takes the time and explains to you how you can improve, and give you tricks to become better and improve on your mindset.


Auto Sales

Trying to close too soon?

Many in sales are so focused on getting and closing deals that they forget that the first rule in sales is that people buy from those they know, like, and trust.  In fact, in most cases you’re better off positioning yourself as a trusted adviser than as a sales agent.

The problem is that even if you know this, you still have to figure out how to enable that trust, and to do it with your first few words. That part is a key ingredient in what we’ll be covering in this workshop.

Trying to close deals too soon
Woman attending webinar

Take full advantage of this interactive opportunity

You can just sit and listen if you wish to, and that’s not a problem. However, I want you to take full advantage of the opportunity – full advantage of me! Pick my brain to get the best possible opening lines and other information that’s necessary to keep those prospects engaged.

If you want an automated webinar, then I’m sorry.

This is not an automated webinar, nor will we be jabbering about generic stuff. My intention is to equip you with the mission critical knowledge & practical skills. 

Who this is for

  • Business owners & managers

    Business owners and managers who want their teams to improve their sales conversations

  • Sales Professionals

    Sales professionals who are tired of rejections and lack of quality conversations, or that just want to sharpen their skills

  • Those new to sales & others wanting to learn

    Anyone looking to learn and improve their sales skills

What you’ll miss if you don’t make it

This will be a 2 hour live, highly interactive & impactful workshop covering:

  • What 80% of sales reps say that actually works against them
  • Golden nuggets you can use to craft impressive opening lines
  • How to get your prospects to feel like they are having a meaningful conversation with you
  • Tweaking & upgrading your current opening lines to achieve success

We’ll go through as many opening statements as time permits. If you want to ensure that we work on yours, Secure your FREE spot now as we will prioritize those who signed up first.

Gain Exclusive Access To The Webinar For $999 $99 FREE

Let me be honest. Based on the value of my time and how my students have experienced instant success when they applied the principles I’ll be sharing – I know I can charge you a good lump sum for this.

I’m not going to do that to you, though. Instead, I want to give you massive value – and give it to you for FREE.

No gotchas or hidden fees.

What are you waiting for? 


Yes, that’s right. The attendees who commit the time to improve themselves will get exclusive access to our Private Facebook Group where you’ll be having the opportunity to get access to ongoing FREE learning material & other resources along with the opportunity to network & collaborate with others like-minded individuals who attended the workshop.


Yes. You’ll learn more by participating, and we want you to walk away with knowledge you can apply right away.

No. This is for the benefit of those attending as we want to give them priority.

We encourage you to sign up and make sure you’re present at one of the available dates as we cannot guarantee that we’ll host this workshop at other times.

Our first priority is that you learn something tangible during the workshop. We will share ways you can engage with us beyond the workshop, though it will not be a hard pitch. For some of you it will make sense to discuss a further engagement, for others it wont. Either way we want you to walk away equipped with new knowledge and a practical approach to how you can have a better start to your sales conversations.