You have a great idea and have found a product you believe you can sell. Whats next?

At MaxReach we hear terror stories all the time… sellers jump into the market too early without knowing their audience, pricing, and where/how to sell the product, losing hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars while “figuring it all out”, sometimes digging a hole so deep, they can’t crawl out of.

As fun as it is to see sales coming in, it is important to do most of the work in the beginning, in order to be prepared and know what you are getting yourself into. You need the valuable information that is going to make your product stand out in front of the crowd effortlessly, you need to be able to know your brand’s playing field and how to adapt accordingly to market changes.

There is a better way

Imagine how successful could your brands message be by knowing your market inside and out

The MaxReach Marketing Validation package

How much of an edge you could have by knowing your competition and your brand’s opportunity in the market? furthermore, imagine having a group of professionals with several years of experience by your side, helping your brand adapt to data at every step of the way.

With our MaxReach Marketing Validation package you will be able to work hand in hand with our group of professionals to know where your product stands in the market, and how you can launch it successfully.We gather data, analyze, plan, execute, and optimize all your marketing efforts. In short, you will save money on trials, errors or “gut feelings”, by having a group of professionals adapt to your product’s market accordingly.

Ready to learn about your product’s market?

What you get when you work with MaxReach


We start with the most important part, Who is your audience? What are their concerns? What channels are they being reached on? How will they be reached in the future?

Collaborative Iteration

One of the best parts of launching a product in this day an age is that there’s key data all around us. At MaxReach we take a disciplined approach to analyzing and adapting to data in order to make our next move. We also collaborate with you to implement a strategy that leads us to the goal.


We compile all our research and iterative work into a set of recommendations for implementation.


We track the campaign. This will allow us to implement corrections and optimize accordingly.

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