Would you like to have a guaranteed sales increase?

Or continue with struggling sales performance

I’m going to cut the chase and get right to the meat

I’ve spoken with hundreds of business owners and executives, and most of them want one thing: MORE SALES

That’s what we deliver!


Sales training

Built from experience

By combining over 20 years of experience in sales and sales training with several years of experience as a teacher, I’ve created a program that 

It's a miracle! We've booked more appointments than ever before, and closed two big clients.
Owner, Lawfirm

Nothing held back

This offer is so hot, and so limited, that I’m going to spill everything here. You’ll know right away if you’re in or not. No need to even get on a lengthy sales call, though you’re welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

What you get

This is a program that dives deep into every aspect of sales, from confidence to value based selling, and everything in between. A full overview of the curriculum is provided below.

The training is divided into weekly training sessions so there’s enough time to apply what is learned.

Between sessions you’ll receive a video introducing the topic for the next session so that we can focus on practical application during the session.

At the end of the 18 week training, your team will have transformed the way they conduct their conversations, and in their ability to close deals. You’ll see results much sooner than that, though, just like 

Mobile sales team
They have a very nice approach to push our agents to think about the sales approach from a different perspective. This approach can be replicated across a myriad of industries, which I found helpful since we work in a particular industry niche, and they didn't have to have much background into our services or product offerings. Great job.
Insurance broker

What the 18 weeks will cover


Assessment of current experience level of the participants, and resolving of the most immediate issues.

Building Trust

Build trust quickly so that the prospect wants to stay engaged.


Understand the personality of the prospect, and learn how to meet them in their comfort zone.

Tonality & Speed

Learn how to set the energy and tone of the conversation.

Crafting Winning Experiences

Set yourself up to create a win in every interaction with a prospect so they continue to the next step

Ask Better Questions

The person that asks the questions is the one who’s controlling the conversation. Understand what questions to ask while also letting the prospect be at ease answering them.

Expand The Vision

Strengthen your value proposition by uncovering the depth of the problem you solve.

Logic vs. Emotion

People buy based on emotions, and justify the purchase with logic. Learn how to tap into both in your calls.

A Message To Remember

Create a message that states your value and is easy to remember and share.

Proactive Objection Handling

Learn how to defuse the Objection Bomb by getting objections out of the way before they become an issue.

Reactive Objection Handling

Never get thrown off by a curveball of a question. Instead, find out what their real objections are.

Conversation Flow

Know what to say and when, so that you can structure the conversation to progress forward.

Identifying Stakeholders

Ensure that you are speaking with the right person or people, and that all stakeholders are engaged in the communication.

Decision Making Process

Determine the steps and timeline of the prospects’ decision making process and know you can do to help the conversation move forward.


Gain resilience and learn how to regain confidence even when facing rejection.

When To Turn A Prospect Down

Not all prospects are good clients. Learn to identify which ones that will suck away your time and energy, and how to politely turn them down.

Standing Apart From The Competition

Position yourself in a way that sets you apart from your competition, from the initial call to the closing of a deal and beyond.

Taking Action Closing The Deal

This is what it all boils down to. Every interaction should be accompanied by an action that you want the prospect to take. Learn to identify that action and how to present it.

Who is this for?

While anyone will learn and improve their skills through this training, the ones that will benefit the most from this are companies that

We’re open to working with most kinds of companies, and have worked with a good number of industries. That being said, if your business practices are dishonest and unethical, we will not work with you.

Sales metrics

So what's my investment?

Alright, I know you’ve been waiting for this. Most trainers and consultants won’t publish their prices. It’s actually the first time I’m doing it, and I’m totally fine with it, because after November 30th, this offer is gone.

I know what other sales coaches charge, and that the value of the training is easily this much per person. However, until the end of the month you can get training for up to 10 of your reps for the same investment as for 1.

Yes, for only $6,497 you’ll get access for up to 10 people to an 18 week training tailored to your company.

Got a bigger team than 10? Add as many as you want for only $200 per person.

Here’s the kicker

I’m only taking on 10 new clients with this offer. Once we hit 10, the offer will be taken down even if it’s before November 30th.

To sweeten the deal, I’m also adding these modules at no additional cost

Selling from any position in the organization

Value: $997

Account based marketing

Value: $4,997

Sales management

Value: $6,997

Metrics – how to use and understand them

Value: $1,497

Compensation plans

Value: $997

Conflict resolution

Value: $1,997

Becoming critical to your clients’ business (so they keep coming back)

Value: $4,997

Total value – included at no additional cost


They truly want to make you better at sales. They take the time and explain to you how you can improve, and give you tricks to become better and improve on your mindset.
Auto Sales

Did I mention our guarantee?

We guarantee that you’ll see an increase in your sales worth more than 10x your investment in 18 weeks, or we’ll continue to work with you every week at no additional cost until you do.

This is truly the best offer we have ever given, and it’s so good that after November 30th, it’s gone!

Get access to the training and all the bonuses now!

Until November 30th

Only $6,497

Includes up to 10 people from your organization. Additional participants at only $200 per person.


Yes, we guarantee that you’ll see an increase in your sales worth more than 10x your investment in 18 weeks or we’ll continue to work with you every week at no additional cost until you do.

Yes. Starting December 1st, or after we hit 10 new clients (whichever comes first), this offer will be taken down and the price will more than double as we’d be crazy to keep an offer like this up for long.

The training is 1 hour live per week, for 18 weeks. Between each live training, there will be a video introducing each new topic.

No later than 1 month after you sign up. The exact date will be scheduled with your team since the training is uniquely for your organization.

Since we cannot make you unlearn what we teach, we do not offer money back. We do however guarantee that you’ll make at least 10x your investment, and will work with you until you do.

Contact us, and we can discuss it. Just realize that by the time you get set up with a payment plan, the offer might be gone.