Sell To the World's Largest Economy

Sell Your Products In China

You have a brand and want distribution. China is the largest market in the world. We connect the two of you in the most hassle-free way you can imagine, including legal, shipping, distribution, and salesforce – not to mention that you’ll actually be able to get your money out of China. Learn how MaxReach can help you tap into a market that craves international brands and boasts a rapidly growing middle and high income class.

Take Your Brand To The Next Level

How It Works

Trademarks And CIQ

Before you can sell in China, you need to have all your Chinese business registrations in order (Chinese trademarks and Chinese Inspections & Quarantine or “CIQ”) . Our team of professionals help you through this, and typically get you approved in only 20 weeks.

Story And Team

While your going through the legal process, we work with you to build your story and identify individuals in our network of 2 million social marketers that are the best candidates for selling your product.

Order Planning

Responsible scaling is crucial to business survival. While there's a large audience, we work with you to test product interest and plan your product rollout.

Shipping From The US Or China

No need to worry about filling a container and getting it to China. Just ship your products to a US warehouse, and we take care of it from there, including delivery to end users. Are you already manufacturing your brand in China? No problem, just ship to one of our warehouses in China, and we take care of the rest. We also assist in handling returns.

Marketing In China And Product Sales

Our social marketers connect with their customers mainly face-to-face and through mobile. They receive training, marketing material, and all they need to perform well. You will have access to monitor sales in real time, including seeing who your top sellers are.

Getting Paid

Normally you'd have to establish a physical entity in China, and any money you make would stay in the country. Not so when you work with us. By working with government and bank entities, we have overcome both these hurdles, which means you'll get paid monthly on sales made.

What You Get When Working With MaxReach

Legal And Shipping

Chinese trademarks, CIQ approval, and shipping from the US all used to be complicated. We have made it simple.

Real-Time Reporting

See how each region performs, who your top sellers are, etc. – all in realtime!

A Driven Salesforce

You bring the product and story, we bring people who know how to sell.

Increased Sales

US and European brands are selling like hotcakes.

Grow Your Business In Major Markets

We are currently in China, the world’s largest consumer economy, but we’re not stopping there. Several other major markets are in the process of being prepared to open.