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Solving Complex Business Problems

We specialize in solving complex problems so businesses can reach pivotal outcomes. The solution is often much simpler than it may seem. The challenge is knowing how to find the solution.

Ask yourself if you are having any of these issues in your business

  • Your day is spent putting out fires
  • Projects most often exceed their timeline and budget
  • Your best selling products sell out too fast while your slow movers are often sold on a discount
  • Priorities shift depending who’s shouting the loudest
  • Work in progress is ever increasing

If you answered YES to any of these issues, then you’ve come to the right place. These are the kinds of challenges we solve for our clients, so keep on reading to find out how.

While each business may have a different problem they’re trying to solve, finding the solution can be summarized in five steps.

5 Steps To Achieve Pivotal Outcomes

Step 1 - Identify the Desired Outcome

This is a discovery process we do together. We start by seeking to understand your current situation and what your desired outcome is. We call these undesirable effects and they drain energy and resources, causing feelings of stress as well as a decrease in productivity and quality.

Step 2 - Solve Undesirable Effects

So many leaders are constantly putting out fires, trying to fill gaps in production, and otherwise fix issues that occur. We call these undesirable effects and they drain energy and resources, causing feelings of stress as well as a decrease in productivity and quality. We use a systematic approach to filter out all the noise and see the true cause-and-effect relationships between the root cause and the undesirable effects. With the root cause identified it’s time to look at how to change it, and what to change it to.

Step 3 - Find the Longest Lever

While improvement points can be found in many areas, there’s usually one or two things that, when implemented, will have a bigger immediate impact than any of the other options. We help you find what those are, and analyze the steps that need to be taken to make the implementation successful without causing additional undesirable effects.

Step 4 - Continue the Improvement Process

Now that you’ve experienced some initial success by implementing your first solution, it’s time to tackle the next area of improvement, and then the next, and so on. We’ll be there all along the way to make sure priorities are clear and focus is on the right thing at the right time.

Step 5 - Change the Paradigm

We firmly believe that there is always room for growth and improvement. By this step you will like have seen some great results in your business, and you may even have changed the way you look at your business as a whole. If you’re ready for it, we’ll show you how to change the paradigm for your entire industry, giving you a true unfair advantage over your competitors.

Imagine what achieving just one of these outcomes would do to your business. We have successfully implemented these steps in over 400 companies of all sizes and industries.

The Best Part

We focus on using resources you already have available, so there is typically no need for any large investments. The results we help you generate will therefore have a direct impact on your profits.

What’s more is that we have a vested interest in your success as our compensation is tied to the results we help you generate.

What Can You Expect From Us?

Doing what you enjoy while still taking care of business

A doctor was conflicted between providing the services he enjoyed and the ones that generated the revenue to keep his business going. We helped him restructure so that he could do more of what he truly enjoyed while he also saw an increase in profits.

Increase your capacity without increasing operating expenses

A Fortune 50 company was struggling to keep up with the demand for their microchips. We showed them a way to improve their production flow as well as a way to improve the performance of their chips. They needed no new machines or to hire new staff, so aside from a few cents in raw material per additional chip they produced, the increase in performance went straight to their bottom line. The result? A $500 million increase in profits.

Increased profitability

The owner of a framing company was frustrated because he constantly had to train new subcontractors. Only being able to frame one house per month, his profits were suffering and he was barely able to make ends meet. We worked with him to develop a process that now allows him, with the same size of crew, to do one house every 4 days. They quickly became known as the fastest framers in the area, landing them consistent new deals, and since all his labor cost is covered on the first build, any additional house they frame in a month is nearly all profits.

Solve communication issues

When people have a better understanding of their roles and how their responsibilities play a part in the overall performance of a company, communication tends to improve. Sometimes the first step is for people to just start talking. One leader told us “I’ve been trying to get my team to talk to each other for months now, and they are finally doing it.” You bet you could see the change in the team’s performance.

Improved lead times

Be it manufacturing or in projects, delivering on time and on budget is a goal rarely achieved for most organizations. Any delay has an increasing negative effect in that profitability goes down, quality often is reduced due to rushed work, and future projects get a delayed start date. The reality is that it is actually possible to shorten lead times, and deliver on time and on budget. Here’s just a few examples:

  • Manufacturing lead time reduced from 6 months to 1 month
  • On-time delivery >96% of the time
  • Completing in 6 weeks a software project that was estimated to take 4 months

Improved quality

Rework, along with returns, are two factors that heavily impact margins, yet many companies choose to select between speed and quality, not realizing they can have both. Software development is probably one of the industries that suffers the most from this when the choice is between rapid prototyping and quality code, and it’s not uncommon that both speed and quality suffer in software projects. The same was the case for one of our clients, and we turned it around to where they increased their speed of task deliverables by almost 200% while simultaneously increasing the quality of their code by over 100%.

Never worry about funding your growth

A client that had an opportunity to grow significantly was looking for ways to get funding for the expansion. By improving their operational processes we showed them how they could fund their own growth simply by selling more parts.

Solve supply chain issues

There’s no reason to implement what we do only internally. We have worked with several clients to implement better processes with their suppliers, resulting in faster and more quality production. With others we improved internal supply chain and distribution to all but eliminate any product shortages at the retail level.

Take over your industry

The same company we showed how to fund their growth used what they had learned to buy up their whole supply chain. Talk about an industry takeover! They were eventually acquired by Warren Buffet’s company Berkshire Hathaway.

These examples are not even our best results. Some of our best results are so spectacular that you probably wouldn’t believe us, so we chose not to mention them here.

Nothing drives us to do what we do more than hearing what we heard from the employees of one of our most recent clients:

“Thank you! You have made our work-life so much better.”

Imagine what achieving just one of these outcomes would do to your business.

Just common sense?

After presenting a solution, people often say that it’s just common sense.

I think we can agree that common sense is hard to come by these days. The reason is that there’s so much noise; so many distractions, fires to put out, and false assumptions about a situation or another person’s motives that get In our way. 

Our process filters out the noise, provides clarity and a clear path for how to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Ready For Pivotal Results?

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